Air Conditioning Rental

​An increased number of home owners, retail operators & commercial business managers and owners are realising the importance of air conditioning and its value in reducing temperature, humidity, the cost of falling productivity, staff efficiency and morale caused by space overheating or the cold.

By renting one of our portable or fixed air conditioners will improve your comfort, productivity, efficiency and will enable to think better and make informed decisions.

For over 10 years Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd have been the specialists in the rental of portable or fixed air conditioning systems. Through its rental division it has provided temporary and emergency air conditioning systems for people, equipment and processes which has been selected to suit this very broad range of application nationwide.

Rent a portable air conditioning unit now from $30 per week (conditions apply).

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Purposes for Air Conditioning Rental

Emergency Cooling

Unexpected breakdowns in your air conditioning system can cause havoc due to overheated people, processes and equipment. Facility Managers, Plant Engineers, Mechanical Contractors and Property Managers can rely on our 24/7 service to beat the heat when the pressure is on.

Planned Temporary Cooling

Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd Rentals can help you keep your cool when your, or your clients air conditioning system is off-line – for replacement, repair or because your new system has been delayed.

Special Events Cooling

There is nothing special about you and your guests feeling hot, sticky and uncomfortable during a corporate affair. Our cooling solution will help make your next function more enjoyable.

Healthcare cooling

  • Provide relief when emergency rooms become too hot and overcrowded.
  • Prevent heat-generating lab equipment from shutting down & keeping your staff cool.
  • Keep MRI rooms and other imaging centers running with supplemental cooling.
  • Keep your facility cool when your air conditioning system is off-line.

Computer Room Cooling

The trend towards smaller, more “heat-dense” computer servers can tax building existing cooling systems beyond their limits and increase the risk of equipment shutdowns. Our Moveincool portable 15 FS units will provide:

  • Provide a temporary cool environment for the computer or server room.
  • Roll in and provide supplemental cooling for hot shots.
  • Cooling for after hours and on weekends.
  • Cool School IT & Server rooms.

Residential Cooling or Heating

The need to provide temporary cooling solutions in bedrooms, studies and home offices has steadily increased over the past 10 years. Homes are better insulated and the need to improve parts of the home environment has seen a steady increase. The demand for portable or fixed rented air conditioning systems has also increased.

Industrial Cooling

Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd has the experience, knowledge and equipment to provide effective cooling solutions for factories and workplaces.


Like the environment control requirements for Industrial, residential and office areas and rooms, Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd has provided the educational sector with short term cooling solutions for class rooms, special areas such as IT rooms, music suites, computer rooms, and administration areas, temporary spot coolers are required.

Benefits of renting with Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd

All the portable units can be delivered

All our portable air conditioning units that we have available can be delivered, at an extra cost, within 24 hours and once on site, can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Flexible range of hire rates

Over the coming summer season we have a flexible range of hire rates from four to thirteen week rentals or longer. Our annual contract is well worth considering.

Other benefits

  • Auckland’s largest air conditioning showroom.
  • Renting – There is no need to make significant decisions about capital expenditure.
  • Rental payments are usually fully tax deductible.
  • Rental has minimal impact on your cash flow and your balance sheet shows neither asset nor liability with regard the equipment or the arrangement.