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Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump


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The ACS Eco-Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump has been specifically designed to provide a low energy hot water supply.

Irrespective of the season the cost of heating hot water by traditional electrical element hot water cylinder accounts for a very large percentage of your monthly power account. Eliminating hot water waste and choosing an efficient new system will lower your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Based on the assumption that your yearly water heating bill is $1000.00, the ACS Eco-Domestic Heat Pump can achieve savings of up to approximately $700.00 per annum. Potential payback period is between 2 and 4 years.

This heat pump has a factory fitted solar coil. This allows for connection to a solar collector which will then even further reduce your water heating bill.

The ACS Eco-Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump has been independently tested by Project Solar Limited to Standard AS/NZS 5215:2010. It has passed the requirements to meet Low Temperature Class A designation. The heat pump has been tested and certified by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services to comply with Australian and New Zealand C-TICK requirements.


The Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump can be; Retrofitted as a replacement cylinder to an existing structure and/or included as an energy saving appliance in a new home build.

The heat pump must be installed in an outdoors location and the installation work must be carried out by a certified Plumber / Gas fitter



Heating Capacity


Water tank capacity.

270 Litres.

Power input.


Running current.


Power supply.




Auxiliary E-heater.


Net dimensions

1917(h) 640ɸmm

Rated outlet water temp.




Work range:

A.   Ambient Temperature -7°C to 43°C Heat pump.

B.   Maximum temperature of water tank is 70°C.

Operating parameters:

1.   The range of the operating water temperatures: 9 – 70°C

2.   The range of operating water pressures: 0.15 – 0.7MPa

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 Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps

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“I am impressed by the ACS domestic heat pump. Not only has it freed up some very valuable space inside the cottage, but it is extremely efficient and amazingly quiet. Prior to installation we had been a little concerned about the noise of the heat pump being situated directly outside two bedroom windows, but the occupants declare that they are generally unaware of it running. I also like the fact that because of the efficiency of this unit there are genuine savings on the electricity bill. I am very happy to have this unit available as a retail offering with Home Energy Solutions.”

“I’ve worked with the team at ACS for more than 10 years now and genuinely appreciate the old school business values of honesty and integrity. Home Energy Solutions has received excellent product support and the team at ACS always goes the extra mile to ensure our customers have well supported products.”

“I appreciate the excellent relationship and help that I have had during the start up phase from yourself and ACS in general. Looking forward to showing your full range of products”.

----Ross Williamson