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Air To Water Heat Pump


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Heatpump Installers in Auckland

Why an ACS Air to Water Heat Pump?

When selecting your heat pump and heat pump installer in Auckland you will be considering price and reliability. There are many options and manufacture’s models available to you.

Why choose an ACS Heat Pump?

The Classic Series of Air to Water Heat Pumps have been specifically designed for residential applications.

They are sold to a world-wide customer base and have been used in the most extreme conditions.


heat pump installers aucklandInternal design of the unit is compact which improves the appearance of the unit and also takes up less outdoor space.

heatpump2.jpg - 52.35 KbR410A is a stable, non-toxic, non-fluorine refrigerant which means that it is environmentally friendly and causes no damage to the ozone layer.

heatpump3.jpg - 38.87 Kb Intelligent Controller. The heat pumps are fitted with the easy to use unique Carel UC2SE controller. This controller will provide various operational functions for the home owner.

heatpump4.jpg - 27.67 KbAll Classic Series are factory fitted with a Wilo circulating pump.

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The KK-V Series of Air to Water Heat Pumps have been designed for commercial applications and also for larger residential projects.

They range in heating capacity from 15.0Kw to 70.0Kw (at 7°C Ambient temperature).

Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Limited has supplied a number of the KK series of heat pumps for projects throughout New Zealand and Kurdistan North Iraq. Projects include.

• Cuddon Refrigeration Blenheim – Workshop Heating.

• Takapau School, Central Hawkes Bay. – Replacement of LPG system.

• Rainbows End Theme Park Auckland. – Heating for reception area.

• SPCA Invercargill. – New Build.

• Plant Shop Dunedin – New Build.

• Kedgley Intermediate School Auckland – Replacement for fossil fuel boiler.

• Henderson Intermediate School Auckland – Replacement of fossil fuel boiler

• Papakura Intermediate School Auckland – Replacement of fossil fuel boiler.

• Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter – Cooling for aluminium X-ray machine.

• As-Sulaymaniah and Erbil – North Iraq – Approximately 65 homes and businesses.

Project: Kedgley Intermediate School Papatoetoe, Auckland.

In 2011 the Kedgley Board of Trustees decided that the existing fossil fuel boiler system and associated radiators had reached the end of their economic life. The Board through their architectural consultants looked for a cost effective alternative. Operational costs were a key factor along with the initial capital outlay. The decision was made to replace the existing system with Air to Water Heat Pumps and Water Fan Coil Units. Air Conditioning Services New Zealand Limited was awarded the contract and work commenced in early 2012.

The install has three KK-V 23.0Kw units, one 28.0Kw and one 35.0Kw unit. The old radiators were replaced with twenty-five water fan coil units varying in size from 1350 to 5200 watts.

The project was completed in time for the 2012 winter. Kedgley Principal, Paul Murphy has happily noted a significant drop in operating costs.

Another advantage of the Air to Water systems i.e. KK-V Heat Pumps and Water Fan Coil Units is that the classrooms are able to enjoy an element of cooling during the warmer summer months.

Henderson Intermediate School followed in 2013 with two x 48.0Kw KK-V Heat Pumps and Fan Coil Units and Papakura Central School also converted to the Air to Water system in 2013.


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23.0Kw KK-V Heat Pump and PWT150LE Water storage tank - Kedgley Intermediate School.


 heatpump10.jpg - 40.48 Kb

5200 watt Water Fan Coil unit – Kedgely Intermediate School.


 heatpump11.jpg - 125.14 Kb

28.0Kw KK-V Heat Pump - Kedgely Intermediate School.


heatpump12.jpg - 5.50 Kb


heatpump13.jpg - 77.56 Kb

Papakura Central School 17.0Kw KK-V


heatpump14.jpg - 98.85 Kb

Papakura Central School 28.0Kw KK-V


 heatpump15.jpg - 66.69 Kb

Papakura Central School 5200 watt Fan Coil.

 heatpump16.jpg - 53.29 Kb

Henderson Intermediate School

 heatpump17.jpg - 62.06 Kb

Henderson Intermediate School 48.0Kw KK-V Air to Water Heat Pump.

heatpump18.jpg - 15.98 Kb

heatpump19.jpg - 123.27 Kb

Cuddon Refrigeration Blenheim - 2 x 70.0 Kw KK-V Heat Pumps for heating workshop area.


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Kurdistan – North Iraq

Between 2010 and 2013 when security and political events intervened, Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Limited were supplying air to water heat pumps and on-site technical assistance to a partner company located in the city of As-Sulaymaniah North Iraq.

The Kurdish clients wanted both heating and cooling from their underfloor or Fan Coil unit systems. Climatic conditions in this region are extreme. Winter temperatures were -20/+4°C and in summer there were several days when the ambient temperatures reached 51°C

Homes in this region tend to be two storey structures and are constructed from rendered concrete blocks.

heatpump21.jpg - 90.30 Kb


heatpump22.jpg - 90.45 Kb

The local water and electrical supply is intermittent i.e. Municipal water is only available for five days out of seven and the electrical supply via the grid only operates for eight out of every twelve hours.

Most homeowners have very large water storage tanks on their roof and they have fossil fuel generators to supplement their electricity supply.

Given the extreme conditions the heat pumps had to be robust and also user friendly.

The KK-V Series of Air to Water Heat Pumps were our obvious choice. The only modifications made to the standard unit were a water spray system onto the coil which was activated when the summer ambient temperature reached 46°C and high speed fans were standard on all units.

Air Conditioning Services supplied units to over sixty homes and businesses in the Kurdistan region. The heat pumps covered the entire range of KK-V Heat Pumps i.e. 15.0Kw to 70Kw.


heatpump23.jpg - 100.39 Kb

15.0Kw KK-V series prior to final commissioning As-Sulaymaniah North Iraq.


Standard Application for KK-V Series Air to Water Heat Pumps.