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Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd supplies environmental control right throughout the country.

Be it:

  • Comfort air conditioning for the office.
  • Process air conditioning for manufacturing functions.
  • Ventilation to meet the requirements of the Building Act 1991 and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

A breadth of skills and experience means Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd is more than engineering, marketing, servicing and contracting company. It is an environmental specialist.

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From $1,000 to $1,000,000

No matter what your requirements, Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd can help. We undertake projects from small residential type systems to large office building to shopping centres.

We offer competitive finance plans covering both short and long term rental and rent to buy options for our wide range of systems. Back-up service and support that is unsurpassed.

Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd has a network of experienced service contractors that are in constant contact with Head Office. They attend to both preventative maintenance and service procedure calls. The company also has highly trained contractors and dealers throughout the country.


The Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd team have years of knowledge that has been applied to a wide range of requirements, from large department stores, to convenience store, offices, fast food restaurants, apartment type dwellings and many types of individual, specialised environments.

The company’s knowledge encompasses design, sales engineering, marketing to dealers, manufacturing by high quality contractors, components, service and maintenance.

Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd relies on several major suppliers of internationally branded and known products as well as skilled installation sub-contractors and agencies. The company calls on its partners to assemble, co-ordinate and deliver components that when added together, create a high quality finished product that has served an extensive customer base for many years.

Products that perform

At Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd our product range covers the complete array of air conditioning system, from portable type to wall mounted, hi-wall, ducted, rooftop right through to multi-split system type air conditioners.

Our Team

Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd is a private company, controlled by its own Board of working Directors.

Jason Cain heads up the team as Managing Director of Air Conditioning Services and supporting him in the day-to-day management of the company is Bob Benzie (Senior Director) and Dan Bicknell (General Manager), along with a team of highly experienced working professionals in the Sales and Service divisions.

Their policy is to always supply high standards of efficiency and quality – and these have become cornerstones of Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd.

The Director and key management staff have gained their commercial and engineering experience working for some of New Zealand’s largest and most successful air conditioning companies.

The Company is based in Penrose Auckland with the main administration, sales, engineering, contract management and service staff located in a building which presents a working showroom of air conditioning systems and related products.

Bob Benzie

Bob Benzie

Managing Director

Over 50 years experience in the industry.

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Our Standards

We install products with:

  • 7 year warranty.
  • ISO Certification: only granted when thorough examination has shown that products are manufactured, marketed and serviced by a system of quality that is compiled with the internationally recognized quality assurance standard.
  • Environmental Management Systems Approval Certificate.

Our Assurance

Ongoing service is provided after installation. All customers are contacted after their warranty expires and are offered a service plan. Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd are experts in all areas:

  • Developments.
  • Small businesses.
  • Large businesses.
  • Service.

Within these areas Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd are specialists in:

  • Air Conditioning heat pump Equipment.
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration installation.
  • Ventilation and Extracting Systems Designers, Manufacturers, and Service.
  • Air Conditioning Specialists and Engineers.

Air Conditioning Services (NZ) Ltd is elevated above other air conditioning companies as they are able to offer new developments in the air conditioning industry. They can deliver you:

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • Easy to operate controls.
  • Longer life span of units.
  • New inverter allows a number of indoor units to run off one outdoor unit, allowing easier location of the outdoor unit.

“I am impressed by the ACS domestic heat pump. Not only has it freed up some very valuable space inside the cottage, but it is extremely efficient and amazingly quiet. Prior to installation we had been a little concerned about the noise of the heat pump being situated directly outside two bedroom windows, but the occupants declare that they are generally unaware of it running. I also like the fact that because of the efficiency of this unit there are genuine savings on the electricity bill. I am very happy to have this unit available as a retail offering with Home Energy Solutions.”

Ross Williamson