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Underfloor Heating

If you want to make your home or business greener and cleaner an ACS air to water heat pump will provide you with that option.
Underfloor heating is a viable alternative to the conventional radiator style of central heating systems. Underfloor heating systems significatly reduce energy consumption by using a lower water temperature than what is required to heat the radiators associated with a gas, oil or coal powered boiler system.
Running costs for Underfloor heating tend to be between 10 - 30% cheaper than a radiator based system.

Heating using the ACS Eco Aria-Aqua Heat Pump system does not have to be confined to new homes or commercial premises. Where a boiler system is currently operating; i.e. in schools and other educational institutes it is a relatively simpler conversion to change the heating to modern water fan coil units.  The fan coil units are a stylish design and have the added advantage of providing heat during the cooler months and also cool air during the warmer summer period. Heat and cooling to the fan coil units is delivered via the ACS Heat Pump
There is an Eco Aria-Aqua heat pump for all sizes of projects. On large commercial projects a specific heat pump will be ordered from our factory, for smaller projects the heat pump is generally available ex-stock. 
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Underfloor Heating 

* Reverse cycle valve
* Soft start controller for single phase models
* Water flow switch equipped for water flow protection
* Stainless Steel Buffer tank ( Built In )
* Intelligent controller, adjustment by quick minded microprocessor
* Automatic defrost function : anti-frosting protection
* Thermostatic heating element for evaporator anti-frosting protection

Underfloor Heating Brochure

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