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Hydronic Heating


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Air Conditioning Services New Zealand Limited promotes Green Technology and we are proud to offer a range of Air to Water Heat Pumps that fully embraces this technology.

All of the ACS Air to Water heat pumps are environmentally friendly with negligible atmospheric emissions.

1) The standard (Classic Series) heat pump will provide the home owner with a low energy heating source via an underfloor pipe system or fan coil units.

2) The KK-V Series are designed for commercial applications.

3) The “high temperature “heat pumps have an outlet temperature of up to 80°C which will satisfy the demand for most radiator heating requirements. This model can also be used for other applications in the farming and horticulture industries.

All ACS heat pump models have been manufactured by one of China’s leading heat pump factories which produces over 60,000 units per year and are distributed via trade and retail outlets in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

ACS have enjoyed a professional association with our supplier since 2005. We are proud to be a distributor of their heat pumps in New Zealand, Australia and North Iraq.

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What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is a safe, comfortable and economical way to heat any home or commercial premises.

This form of heating is usually considered prior to the house being constructed. Good design will be one of the key factors in determining the success of any heating system.

The heat from a traditional heater i.e. Wood burner, electric heater, gas fireplace or air to air heat pump is released directly into the room where the appliance is installed. These forms of heating can overheat the room where it is installed and the rest of the house will remain cold.

Hydroponic heating will uniformly heat the whole house including multi-storey dwellings. This form of heating significantly reduces energy consumption by using a lower water temperature than what is required to heat radiators associated with gas, oil or coal powered boiler systems.

Hydronic heating will circulate warm water through a network of pipes. The heat source for the water is an ACS air to water heat pump. Generally one correctly sized heat pump will provide sufficient energy to heat your entire home.


ufhp3.jpg - 61.55 KbUnderfloor piping system. Installed when the new flooring slab is layed.



Underfloor heating works by connecting pipes laid under the floor to a manifold and then to your heating system. The floor should be properly prepared. For this reason water-fed systems are best suited for new home constructions. The floor can then be designed to hold the pipework and it can be adequately insulated to ensure that there is no downward loss of heat.


Unlike traditional air conditioning systems where the warm air is forced into the room which can distribute dust particles that are present in the air in the room. Hydroponic heating is passive and the heat rises naturally from the floor without the need of a fan. A properly designed and installed hydroponic system can operate with virtually undetectable sound levels in the occupied areas of a home or office.

Water fan coil units are another option. These are mounted on the wall or ceiling and can also be connected to your hydronic system. The fan coil unit can also be free-standing.

If you are planning a new home and are considering a hydronic heating system, Air Conditioning Services can put you in contact with one of our partner companies who specialise in the engineering design and installation of all the necessary components to best suit your home comfort needs. The calculation of piping, insulation, heat pump size and manifolds must be done correctly. Our underfloor specialist will provide you with an obligation free quote and will readily discuss with you the specific requirements for your new home or office.

It is not a DIY project. To avoid disappointment you should always seek professional advice.

What is an Air to Water Heat Pump?

An Air to Water Heat Pump is a hot water heat pump used to heat the water for an underfloor or water fan coil heating system.

The ACS range of air to water heat pumps have been designed to provide heat even when the temperature is as low as -15°C.

The energy source is electricity and our air to water heat pumps could achieve a C.O.P. ratio of 4 to 1 of energy savings depending on the ambient temperature and your water heating temperature set point. This means that for one unit of electricity you will get four units of energy. As the ambient temperature drops so too does the COP of the heat pump. (i.e. when the ambient temperature is a consistent -8°C then the COP is around 2.5)

Benefits of air sourced heat pumps.

• Lower fuel bills, especially if you are replacing conventional electric heating.

• Works more efficiently at a lower temperature than a standard boiler system would.

• Negligible home carbon emissions.

• No fuel deliveries necessary.

• Minimal maintenance required.